The First Air Freight broker
in Fine Art Business

Sky Art Services is an independant broker
on the air freight market.

Our clients

Freightforwarders active in the world of art and luxury.

Our mission

Make your Art shipments easier & better so that you can focus on your core-business.

At Sky Art,
we create partnership!

Our experts seek the right solution
based on your specific needs.

Our worldwide network of partners guarantees tailor-made solutions.

With Sky Art, you discuss with a partner who knows the air freight market, the constraints of logistics and the requirements of the luxury market.

Sky Art builds a strong relationships with carriers worldwide which enables you to get the most relevant solution at the right price.

While taking care of your shipments, you receive a personal and dedicated follow up in real time to ensure the service and peace of mind you and your client are looking for.

Time is money! So optimize it by sending a single request to our experts. We ensure the reactivity, flexibility and creativity you expect from a premium service. 


Our team

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Our dedicated
high-quality services.

  • TheAir-freight

    Art work business in the air freight world is very specific, with dedicated products and services.
    Thanks to our extensive network of worldwide partners, we’re able to book the space needed on a plane at very competitive prices.

    When requesting a quote, we challenge airlines and analyze geographic areas. Thanks to our knowledge
    of the market, we’re able to find the best solution
    to meet your needs.

  • TheTrucking

    Load what, when and where you want. We work with highly professional trucking services to bring your shipment
    to the destination of your choice.

    We organize trucks with high level quality
    and match the art work business requirements.

    We’re able to manage the transport of fragile items
    or hazardous materials, as well as oversized loads.

  • TheSupervision

    Strong presence on the ground.
    While taking care of your shipment, we supervise all or a part of the process based on your needs.
    Our job is to ensure that your shipment is handled and managed in accordance with the high expectations you have. A report is sent at each step.

  • TheFollow-up

    We are focused on each job. We follow each step and are always connected to the market and the operations in order to give you real-time information.

  • TheCourrier assistance

    We assist the grooms at each step. We take care of them as our responsabilty is to make their experience « unique ».

  • TheCustoms and last mile

    We ensure your shipment comes with the necessary
    and correct documentation, we take care of special authorizations or permits whenever needed…
    In short, you don’t have to worry about paperwork.

    Thanks to our expertise, we’re able to anticipate most issues and guarantee the chances of a smooth shipment.

Our extensive network
of worldwide partners.

With our trusted partners all over Europe, we’re able to ship your clients’ goods worldwide.

You can keep track of the shipment, in realtime, thanks to our online tracking platform.

Sky Art Services
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